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scala like functional programming in c#
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A Scala inspired functional programming library written in c#

Scalesque allows you to write c# that is similar to the code you would write in Scala. Scalesque is currently approaching v1, it's pretty stable but some api calls may still change.

Features list

  • Option<T> (aka Maybe<T>)
  • Either<T,U>
  • Pattern matching and extraction
  • Map / Fold / Reduce (via IEnumerable<T>)
  • Partial function application and currying
  • Scalaz inspired validations
  • Exception -> Option wrapper


.net 3.5 or 4.0


scalesque is licensed under the MIT license, see license.txt for details.

Nuget package

Usually in synch with head of master


  • I'm working on the Documentation
  • Extractors for .net framework patterns like Int.TryParse which are a bit horrible from a functional programming perspective
  • Not happy with current Head and tail construct
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