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NoesisGUI Unreal Engine Scoreboard Demo

Demo screenshot


This is a demo that shows how you can use Binding with properties implemented as Get functions. The main focus points of this demo are:

  • Shows how to expose properties using Get functions.

  • Shows how to use manual notifications to keep the UI in sync when the underlying data changes.

Demo Breakdown

C++ Code


  • Blueprint'/Game/Game.Game': It's an Object that is used as the DataContext for NoesisBlueprint'/Game/MainWindowView.MainWindowView'. It exposes several variables that are used as properties for Binding, such as Name, ElapsedTime and Players, but it also exposes the properties AllianceScore and HordeScore through the functions GetAllianceScore and GetHordeScore. These two properties are computed by traversing the Players Array and adding the individual scores. Since the value of these properties will change when the Players Array is modified, and we can't use the custom Blueprint node Set w/ NotifyChanged because they are not implemented as a variable, we have to manually notify NoesisGUI of the changes to those properties whenever Players changes. We can see that in the functions AddPlayer and RemovePlayer. In those we can see how we use the nodes ADD w/ NotifyArrayChanged and REMOVE w/ NotifyArrayChanged for the property Players itself, but for AllianceScore and HordeScore we must do so manually using the function NotifyChanged.


  • NoesisBlueprint'/Game/MainWindowView.MainWindowView': It's a NoesisView for NoesisXaml'/Game/MainWindow.MainWindow' (MainWindow.xaml).


  • TestLevel - Level Blueprint: Creates a Widget from NoesisBlueprint'/Game/MainWindowView.MainWindowView', adds it to the viewport and captures mouse and keyboard input. It also creates and initializes an instance of Blueprint'/Game/Game.Game and sets it as its DataContext, and several instances of Blueprint'/Game/Player.Player' that it adds and removes calling the functions AddPlayer and RemovePlayer discussed above. It adds and removes players over the course of 10 seconds, so the effect of the notifications is visible. You can experiment by removing the manual notifications and observing that the team scores at the top don't change as the number of players varies.

TestLevel - Level Blueprint