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Implements enumeration of all minimal triangulations of a graph as described in the paper On the Enumeration of all Minimal Triangulations.


Specify input file as the first argument, and possibly other configuration options using command line arguments. e.g:

./MinTriangulationsEnumeration C:\Graph\1.uai time_limit=30 alg=fill

Only the input file is required.

Input File

Supported file formats are: hg, sp, wcnf, uai, csv, bliss.

  • csv - each line holds name of variables in a clique.

Time Limit

Flag name: time_limit. The next result after this specified time will be the last. Time is specified in seconds. -1 means no time limit. Default is no time limit.

Triangualtion Heuristic

Flag name: alg. The heuristic used for generating a single minimal triangulation. Options are: mcs, lb, degree, initialDegree, fill, initalFill, combined and separators. Default is mcs.

  • mcs - using MCS-M algorithm.
  • lb - using LB-Triang algorithm with no heuristic for the order of vertices (faster than the following options).
  • degree - using LB-Triang algorithm with min-degree heuristic for the order of vertices.
  • initialDegree - using LB-Triang algorithm, determining the order of vertices up-front by the min-degree.
  • fill - using LB-Triang algorithm with min-fill heuristic for the order of vertices.
  • initalFill - using LB-Triang algorithm, determining the order of vertices up-front by the min-fill.
  • combined - runs fill and mcs alternatively in each iteration.
  • separators - using a separator based approch instead of a triangualtion, as described in section 5 of the paper.

Triangulations Order

Flag name: t_order. The order of extending the generated minimal triangulations. Options are: width, fill, difference, sepsize, none. Default is none.

  • width - lowest width first.
  • fill - lowest number of fill edges first.
  • difference - lowest number of fill edges that were seen in previously extended triangulations.
  • sepsize - lowest size of maximal separator size.

Separators Order

Flag name: s_order. The order of extending the minimal separators. Options are: size, fill, none. Default is none.

  • size - lowest size first.
  • fill - lowest number of pairs in the separator that don't share an edge.

Detailed Output

Flag name: print. The results to print to a details file. Options are: all, none, improved. Default is none.

  • none - does not generate a details file.
  • all - prints all results.
  • improved - prints only results that show improvement in one of the measures printed.


A summary of the results is printed to the screen and saved to a table in summary.csv in the current directory. Depending on the value of the Print flag, The full list of triangulations may be saved to a csv file in the current directory, with the name of the input file followed by the configuration options.


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