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Open Letter to Atlassian
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Dear Atlassian,

I used to boast "I love you, Atlassian, and I want to have your babies."

Now I find myself seeing other people and realize we never even had the conversation.

Can we sit down and talk about what happened?

I'm not going to offer you platitudes such as "it's not me it's you." Mostly because it's clearly you. I'm also not going say you'd be a good friend. Because we haven't been that to each other for a long time.

Back in the beginning, I took Jira with me wherever I went. You were always loved. I was proud of you. You made me look good and feel even better. You were always a bit quirky and sometimes fragile but you always came though and you were improving all the time. You "got" me. I loved you.

Then we stopped living together because you made such a brilliant case for being apart. Uninstall me from your servers, you said. You promised you'd always be available "on demand" and that things would be even better. But this long-distance trial has been an abject failure. I am not getting what I need. You are breaking your promises and so, then, my heart.

The way you supported me was always legendary. It's so sickening now that every time I come away from talking to you feeling nothing but ignored and invalidated. You made simple promises that kept me hanging on. But those have been dashed time after time. Take Bamboo OnDemand, for example. Read top-to-bottom. Are you kidding me! And then tell me you're not just jerking me and all your other admirers around.

Look at . Tell me you cared even slightly at any point about doing this right. My company was dead in the water while we tried to get your attention.

I considered asking you to move back in, install you on my own servers, giving me at least a sense of control.

I'm struggling to trust you. Is there any point in trying again?



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