A simple ACT plugin displays network ping in a small overlay for FFXIV.
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A simple plugin displays network ping in a small overlay

How It Looks


How to Install

The plugin can be downloaded from here.

Please follow the instructions here to install this plugin. Remember to change 'ACT.FFXIVTranslate' to 'ACT.FFXIVPing'.


The packet loss measurement algorithm is very rough in current version. It's highly likely to give you a much larger value than the real situation.

Q & A

Q: My ACT window get resized after enable this plugin

See https://github.com/Noisyfox/ACT.FFXIVTranslate/wiki/Fix-ACT-window-scale-down

Q: 我用的无猫整合版 ACT,没有办法加载插件,肿么办

访问 http://bbs.nga.cn/read.php?tid=12526945,找到 ACT插件自整合 分类的百度网盘地址,选择 单体插件自整合 > 6. 其他工具,使用其中的 ACT绿色化工具(配置移根目录).rar 处理即可。