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trailMix is a trail-finding based web application built by a team of 5 web developers during a 48 hour hackathon. The project was originally completed utilizing JavaScript and jQuery, and was later ported over to ReactJS and Redux.


Our application was created for any level of hiker to find a trail either nerby them or any location they choose. Your next hike is just a few clocks away. Sort by trail rating, length or difficulty to match your needs. Get directions to the trail using Google Maps and make sure to select a date for your hike to get the weather in the area!


View this project live HERE

Or follow the instructions below to view it on your local machine.

Setup Instructions

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Clone your forked copy of this repo
    • git clone
  3. Change directory into the newly cloned repo
    • cd trailMix
  4. Install dependencies
    • npm install
  5. Start dev server
    • npm start
  6. Open a browser and navigate to localhost:3000


  • Geolocation to find trails nearby
  • Driving directions
  • Trail sorting filters
  • Localized forecast
  • Design made for Desktop and Mobile use

Technologies Used


caxpper | PDRX91 | ByLiZhang | NolanEmerson | dnguyen793

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