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PSGradePIC is an open-source reimplementation of the psdowngrade exploit for PIC18F microcontrollers.

It is known to work on:

  • PIC18F14K50 (20 pins / 16KB Flash)
  • PIC18F2450 (28 pins / 16KB Flash)
  • PIC18F2455 (28 pins / 24KB Flash)
  • PIC18F2550 (28 pins / 32KB Flash)
  • PIC18F2553 (28 pins / 32KB Flash)
  • PIC18F27J53 (28 pins / 128KB Flash)
  • PIC18F4450 (40 pins / 16KB Flash)
  • PIC18F4455 (40 pins / 24KB Flash)
  • PIC18F4550 (40 pins / 32KB Flash)
  • PIC18F4553 (40 pins / 32KB Flash)
  • PIC18F47J53 (40 pins / 128KB Flash)
  • PIC18F67J50 (64 pins / 128KB Flash)

This software is not intended to enable piracy, and such features have been disabled. This software is intended to allow the execution of unsigned third-party apps and games on the PS3.

No one involved in maintaining the psgroopic git is responsible for or has any involvement with any existing usb dongles sporting "psgrade" / "psgradepic" in its name. Thank you for your understanding.


To clone, use something like:

git clone git://
cd PSGradePIC


make clean


To use this exploit:

  • Hard power cycle your PS3 (using the switch in back, or unplug it)
  • Plug the dongle into your PS3.
  • Press the PS3 power button, followed quickly by the eject button.

After a few seconds, the first LED on your dongle should light up. After about 5 seconds, the second LED will light up (or the LED will just go off, if you only have one). This means the exploit worked!


A programmed dongle won't enumerate properly on a PC, so don't worry about that.


Thanks to PSGroove developers who did the real hard work by reversing the code from the original PSJailbreak.

Thanks to ElSemi (@eol) which made possible the first port to PIC18F and helped me with the PSGrade port.

Thanks to zAxis, Hansi and in general all the ps3 community and graf_chokolo for their hard work on getting the PS3 USB Dongle Master Key.

Thanks to PS3Break Team, who figured out my code bugs and sent me the fixed source.

Thanks to TSC (@eol) for encouraging me to port PSGrade.

Thanks to iLLNESS, skygunner and sam23 (@psx-scene) for their work on debugging the timing issues.

And thanks to all the community around this work.

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