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I've updated the credits. If you are missing, please feel free to bug…

… me, but remeber: it's a large list :D.
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-/* Credits to be done :D. */
+Thanks to PSGroove developers who did the real hard work by reversing the code from the original PSJailbreak.
+Thanks to ElSemi (@eol) which made possible the first port to PIC18F and helped me with the PSGrade port.
+Thanks to zAxis, Hansi and in general all the ps3 community and graf_chokolo for their hard work on getting the PS3 USB Dongle Master Key.
+Thanks to PS3Break Team, who figured out my code bugs and sent me the fixed source.
+Thanks to TSC (@eol) for encouraging me to port PSGrade.
+Thanks to iLLNESS, skygunner and sam23 (@psx-scene) for their work on debugging the timing issues.
And thanks to all the community around this work.

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