This is the front-end for Nomadr, a Chrome browser extension that motivates users to achieve their travel goals.
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#Nomadr Client Nomadr landing page image

##Description Nomadr is a Chrome browser extension that motivates users to achieve their travel goals. Simply enter a city and departure date to see inspiring photos, information, and events in each new tab.

##Contributors Nomadr Client was written by Team Fantastic: Valerie Smith, Philip Riley, Devin Liu, Alfred Calayag, and Vincent Colavin.

##How it works

  • Download and install the application from the Chrome Web Store
  • Open a new browser window or tab
  • Sign in requires your name, email, travel place of interest, and intended travel date.
  • Once logged in, your browser window will display an background image of your place of interest, along with the local time and weather, general information. As you approach your travel date, current local events will be displayed.
  • Every new browser window you open will start with this dashboard as the default page. In most cases, a new background image will appear to inspire you to follow through with your travel plans.
  • Proceed in working hard throughout your day, and allow yourself to be reminded of the wonderful place you will be traveling to soon.


Dashboard display when you open a new tab/window: Nomadr Default Page

General information of your travel destination: Nomadr General Information

NomadR is the front-end client that requests all the relevant user data from our custom API. View the Nomadr API for info about the Nomadr Client's server.

##Usage This app is currently supported only on the Chrome Desktop Browser.


  • Angular.js
  • Express.js

##Future Developments

  • Addition of travel flight information
  • Addition of cost of living
  • Addition of jobs in the area
  • Addition of popular local cafes and restaurants.