This is the entirely JavaScript back-end for Nomadr, a Chrome browser extension that motivates users to achieve their travel goals.
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##Description Nomadr-api is the back-end server side API that serves the Nomadr Chrome extension.

##Contributors Nomadr-api was written by Team Fantastic: Valerie Smith, Philip Riley, Devin Liu, Alfred Calayag, and Vincent Colavin.

##Usage This API is publically available but probably useless for anyone else, although it's available over on Heroku. It is itself served by a Mongo database hosted at Mongolab and several other third-party APIs.

##Example Routing Table:

HTTP Verb Route Request Parameters Example Response
Get /api n/a JSON greeting
Post /api/users name, email, destination, desired date JSON
Get /api/users/:user_id 3 4
Get /api/email/:user_email 3 4
Get /api/wiki/:user_id 3 4
Get /api/google_photo/:user_id This route will soon be deprecated; avoid using it 4
Get /api/panaramio/:user_id 3 4
Get /api/weather/:user_id 3 4
Get /api/time/:user_id 3 4
Get /api/events/:user_id 3 4


  • Back-end Framework: Express.js
  • Database: MongoDB + Mongoose
  • Deployment: Heroku
  • API Services: Wikipedia, Panoramio, Google Places, Eventbrite, Geonames, and Openweathermap