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Copyright 2010 - 2012 Ed Venaglia
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
Things I'd like to add support for:
This is a comprehensive list of project dreams. Some of these ideas may not
even be possible, but they would be nice to have, and some could make this
plugin really stand out.
All future improvements start on this list, and are selected based on their
scope, impact, risk, and popular demand.
Create branches on the PSI tree for nested commands
Create branches in the PSI tree for "nice" HTML tag pairs
Auto-insert close tag for template, deltemplate, if, switch, for, foreach, msg, call, delcall, & param
Auto-insert close tag for HTML tags
Auto-complete for local parameters
Auto-complete for parameter definitions for params that are used but not declared
Auto-complete for call parameters
Auto-complete for functions
Auto-complete for template names
Soy doc tool-tips for call and delcall
Soy doc tool-tips for call params
Soy doc tool-tips for directive params
Reorder templates using shift-command with up/down arrow keys
Show "overridden" icon in margin for default deltemaplates that are overridden at least one delpackage
Show "overrides" icon in margin for deltemaplates that override a default deltemplate
Injected Data: (see:
Show a different color for $ij
Do not permit renaming of $ij
Find/Highlight usages of $ij should show ALL references in ALL templates
Copy/paste of a template or call should optimize the called name for namespace
Support for indentation and code formatting
Code Folding:
Collapse commands: if, switch, for, foreach, literal, msg, call
Collapse soy docs
Collapse HTML tag pairs that play nicely with soy tag pairs
Extract template from selection
Convert template into deltemplate
Add required parameter to template or deltemplate
Surround with:
Surround selection with if and if/else tags
Surround selection with msg tags
Surround selection with HTML tags
Code inspection:
Show when declaring a parameter named "ij"
Show when using "$ij"
Show when a required parameter is not passed to call or delcall
Show when delcall defines a required parameter that is not required by the default
Show when a template or deltemplate is defined more than once
Show when a private template is never called
Show when using a non-iterator parameter is passed to a parameter only function
Show parameters that are used as more than one of: list, object, value
Show when using an optional parameter, without first checking if it exists
Show when using any parameter, all parameters are optional, and hasData() is not called
Compute cyclic complexity of a template and show when it exceeds a configurable threshold
Compute cyclic complexity of an expression and show when it exceeds a configurable threshold
Show when directive arguments are too many, too few, or are the wrong type
Insert missing params to call or delcall
Define template when template (or default delegate) cannot be found
Define template parameter when a parameter is not found
Negate boolean expression
Replace call with delcall
Convert optional parameter to required parameter
Code formatting
!! Not sure how to handle code between matching tags
Go to declaration:
Soy functions defined by a Java classes
Soy directives defined by a Java classes
Soy templates and deltempaltes from JS source
JS integration should be optional
!! Don't know how to integrate with JS
Spanish, German
Call hierarchy
Architectural improvements/optimizations:
Parsing template names can be deferred when building caches.
Add non-dairy tips to "tip of the day"