redis client for Python asyncio (has support for redis server, sentinel and cluster)
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An efficient and user-friendly async redis client ported from redis-py (which is a Python interface to the Redis key-value)

To get more information please read full document


aredis requires a running Redis server.

To install aredis, simply:

$ sudo pip3 install aredis

or alternatively (you really should be using pip though):

$ sudo easy_install aredis

or from source:

$ sudo python install

Getting started

For more example

single node client

>>> import asyncio
>>> from aredis import StrictRedis
>>> async def example():
>>>      client = StrictRedis(host='', port=6379, db=0)
>>>      await client.flushdb()
>>>      await client.set('foo', 1)
>>>      assert await client.exists('foo') is True
>>>      await client.incr('foo', 100)
>>>      assert int(await client.get('foo')) == 101
>>>      await client.expire('foo', 1)
>>>      await asyncio.sleep(0.1)
>>>      await client.ttl('foo')
>>>      await asyncio.sleep(1)
>>>      assert not await client.exists('foo')
>>> loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
>>> loop.run_until_complete(example())

cluster client

>>> import asyncio
>>> from aredis import StrictRedisCluster
>>> async def example():
>>>      client = StrictRedisCluster(host='', port=7001)
>>>      await client.flushdb()
>>>      await client.set('foo', 1)
>>>      await client.lpush('a', 1)
>>>      print(await client.cluster_slots())
>>>      await client.rpoplpush('a', 'b')
>>>      assert await client.rpop('b') == b'1'
>>> loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
>>> loop.run_until_complete(example())
{(10923, 16383): [{'host': b'', 'node_id': b'332f41962b33fa44bbc5e88f205e71276a9d64f4', 'server_type': 'master', 'port': 7002},
{'host': b'', 'node_id': b'c02deb8726cdd412d956f0b9464a88812ef34f03', 'server_type': 'slave', 'port': 7005}],
(5461, 10922): [{'host': b'', 'node_id': b'3d1b020fc46bf7cb2ffc36e10e7d7befca7c5533', 'server_type': 'master', 'port': 7001},
{'host': b'', 'node_id': b'aac4799b65ff35d8dd2ad152a5515d15c0dc8ab7', 'server_type': 'slave', 'port': 7004}],
(0, 5460): [{'host': b'', 'node_id': b'0932215036dc0d908cf662fdfca4d3614f221b01', 'server_type': 'master', 'port': 7000},
{'host': b'', 'node_id': b'f6603ab4cb77e672de23a6361ec165f3a1a2bb42', 'server_type': 'slave', 'port': 7003}]}


Please run test script in benchmarks dir to confirm the benchmark.

For benchmark in my environment please see: benchmark


Enhancement, bug reports and Pull requests are welcomed, please make an issue to let me know. Fork me please~