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Review and rate your favorite media in an easy-to-use way that allows for statistics and chronological change in preference.
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UPDATE: We are in the process of rewriting this repo into three layers; Retrospector-JavaFx, Retrospector-Core, and Retrospector-Hsqldb. This will continute to be the main repo for issues, releases, and documentation. The update will be finished by July 20, 2019.

Maintain an active list of your personal reviews/ratings of media. In a nutshell, with Retrospector you create a Media by entering a title and creator. Then you review that media by entering a number (1-10). In a month or a year, when you are looking for a movie to watch with friends, you can have your friends pick from your top 10 movies.

There are a lot of practical use cases. Once you start using Retrospector, you will wonder how you lived without being able to answer questions like 'What was my average rating for Firefly?' or 'How many times have I seen The Holy Grail?'

Instructions on how to install Retrospector are here. In short, you make sure you have Java (a recent version), download the from the latest release, unzip and run Retrospector.jar.


There are a variety of features baked into Retrospector. Here are the most basic, to help get you started.


Looking up media is a big part of using Retrospector. There are a lot of search commands. The most basic of which is the : which acts as an and operator. screenshot


This is where media happens. screenshot


Entering a review is pretty simple. Select a number and click save. The user will default to the name in the config file and the date will automatically be today (both are editable). The text area can also be used for entering thoughts or comments or critiques. screenshot


The best part of storing reviews is seeing charts! screenshot


'Top Ten' lists are really useful. Especially when making recommendations to friends. screenshot


There are several achievements that you can earn by using Retrospector to its fullest potential. [Warning: these are addictive] screenshot

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