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Entity Control Function Library [entitycontrol]


This mod currently gives two functions: override_entity and unregister_entity. Using override_entity will allow you to change any aspect of the given entity type, while unregister_entity will remove the given entity from Minetest entirely.

Dependencies and Support

This mod has no dependencies, and no optional dependencies. It's designed to work alongside and for any mod.


The Apache 2.0 License is used with this mod. See or for more details.


Download, unzip, and place within the usual mods folder of your version of Minetest, and it will behave in relation to the Minetest engine like any other mod. Then, in your own mod, put "entitycontrol" into your depends.txt (if you don't have one, you can just create one and it'll work automatically) and call the functions in this mod however you like.

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