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Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM)

The Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM) has been developed since 2007 and has been an important tool for Norwegian climate researchers in the study of the past, present and future climate. NorESM has also contributed to climate simulation that has been used in research assessed in the IPCC’s fifth main report.

Visit the NorESM home page to learn more about the NorESM model system, model data products and related projects.

NorESM documentation

Branches in NorESM

This repository has the following NorESM branches:

  • master - combines and contains recent developments, based on the latest release (at this stage NorESM2.0.2)

  • master_cesm - Community Earth System Model master fork

  • noresm2.2 - is under development, and will contain updates from CESM2.2. Only few compsets work technically at the moment (e.g. coupled compsets do not work), and no results have been verified yet. This branch should currently not be used for any scientific study.

  • release-noresm2.0.2_keyClim - NorESM2 version for KeyClim project experiments (started from tag release-noresm2.0.2)

  • noresm_landsites - NorESM2 version for site-level simulations over land, specifically working with NorESM Land Sites Platform

  • noresm2 - contains NorESM2.0.X documentation, code and configurations as used for most NorESM2-LM and NorESM2-MM CMIP6 simulations, with tags:

    • release-noresm2.0.4 - Release of NorESM2.0.4 9th of April 2021, available to reproduce CMIP6 results of NorESM2. Additional Fram and Betzy settings included.
    • release-noresm2.0.3 - Release of NorESM2.0.3 7th of April 2021, available to reproduce CMIP6 results of NorESM2. Betzy settings included
    • release-noresm2.0.2 - Release of NorESM2.0.2 20th of July 2020, available to reproduce CMIP6 results of NorESM2
    • release-noresm2.0.1 - NorESM2 version, initial preliminary release of CMIP6 version, April 2020

For a detailed description of the NorESM2.0.X releases, please see

Low-key discussion forum

If you have questions or you can’t find the solution to a problem in the FAQs or in other parts of the documentation, please post question(s) here: