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2.0.0 - Atoemp Update

  • Add file structures
  • Read .atoemp and .atp template files
  • Read .atoemps and .atps structure files
  • Grammar for .atoemp, .atoemps, .atp and .atps files
  • Snippets for for .atoemp, .atoemps, .atp and .atps files
  • Some bugfixes and code restructuring

1.4.0 - Command Update

  • Shell Command Variables

1.3.3 - Hash Code Variables

1.3.0 - Variable Update

  • Custom Variables
  • New variables for OS functions

1.2.0 - File Import Update

  • Templates replace file path with file text

1.1.0 - Option Update

  • Date variables are configurable
  • Local and global number variable delimiters are configurable

1.0.0 - First Release

  • Almost everything added and fixed
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