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Convos 👥 is the simplest way to use IRC in your browser
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Convos - Multiuser chat application

Convos is a multiuser chat application that runs in your web browser.

The supported chat protocol is currently IRC, but Convos can be extended to support other protocols as well.

See for more details.

The backend is powered by Mojolicious, while the frontend is held together by the progressive JavaScript framework Svelte.

Quick start guide

See "Getting started" for other options and more information.

Shell Install

curl | sh -
./convos/script/convos daemon;

Start the daemon

That's it! After the two commands above, you can point your browser to http://localhost:3000 and start chatting.

How to make a release

Notes for developers so a new release is made in a proper way.

# Update with the recent changes and make sure the timestamp is proper
$EDITOR Changes

# Build the production assets and update and check that all the files
# have the correct version information
./script/convos build release

Branch overview


"stable" is the branch you should use, if you want to clone and run Convos, instead of just running the install command above.

Build Status


"master" is for developers. It's mostly stable, but might require extra tools and packages to run.

Build Status


"gh-pages" is the source for, which is built with github pages.


backup/convos-0.8604 is a snapshot for the first iteration of Convos.

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