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Programmer app for nRF Connect
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nRF Connect Programmer

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nRF Connect Programmer is a cross-platform tool that enables programming firmwares to device. Memory layout for both JLink and Nordic USB devices can be displayed. Content for the HEX files can be displayed, too. Moreover, content of HEX files can be written to the devices.

nRF Connect Programmer is implemented as an app for nRF Connect.


The app supports the following devices:

  • PCA10028 nRF51 Development Kit
  • PCA10031 nRF51 Dongle
  • PCA10040 nRF52 Development Kit
  • PCA10056 nRF52 Development Kit
  • PCA10059 nRF52 Dongle


To install the application you can download binaries from the nRF Connect product page on Nordic Semiconductor web pages.

nRF Connect currently supports the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Ubuntu Linux 64-bit
  • macOS

After nRF Connect is installed, you can find Programmer in the app list by selecting Add/remove apps.


Feel free to file code related issues on GitHub Issues and/or submit a pull request. In order to accept your pull request, we need you to sign our Contributor License Agreement (CLA). You will see instructions for doing this after having submitted your first pull request. You only need to sign the CLA once, so if you have already done it for another project in the NordicSemiconductor organization, you are good to go.

Building from source

Clone the repository

Open a terminal, go to the following directory, and clone the repository:

  • Linux/macOS: cd $HOME/.nrfconnect-apps/local
  • Windows: cd %USERPROFILE%/.nrfconnect-apps/local

Alternatively, clone the repository in a different directory and symlink it into .nrfconnect-apps/local.


To build the app you will need to install the following tools:

  • Node.js (>=6.9)
  • npm (>=5.6.0) / yarn (>=1.4.0)
  • libudev-dev (Linux)
  • nrf-udev (Linux)


After cloning the repository, install the required dependencies:

npm install

Then build the app:

npm run dev

If everything was successful, you should now be able to launch the app in nRF Connect.


Unit testing can be performed by running:

npm test


See the license file for details.


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