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Hello, Retail! Build Status

Hello, Retail! is a Nordstrom Technology open-source project. Hello, Retail! is a 100% serverless, event-driven framework and functional proof-of-concept showcasing a central unified log approach as applied to the retail problem space. All code and patterns are intended to be re-usable for scalable applications large and small.

Check out for more explanation and a guided tour of how you might expand hello-retail with new functionality.


If you are responsible for deploying this system, you'll want to do the following:

Pre-Deploy Action & Configuration

  1. Create an encryption key for use with KMS (IAM > Encryption keys, select your target region, Create Key)

  2. Create a Twilio account, open your "Account Settings" and create a secondary auth token for use by the hello-retail system

  3. Encrypt your Twilio account's SID and also the Secondary Auth Token with the encryption key created in step 1 and place them into your private.yml:

  accountSid: ABC[...]==
  authToken: DEF[...]==

this can be done easily using the "encryption helpers" capability in the Lambda console. Alternatively, the following AWS CLI command should do the trick:

aws kms encrypt --region <region> --key-id <keyId> --plaintext <accountSid> --output text --query CiphertextBlob
aws kms encrypt --region <region> --key-id <keyId> --plaintext <authToken> --output text --query CiphertextBlob
  1. Purchase a Twilio number and add it to your private.yml:
  <stage>: +12345678901 # full `+<countryCode>` and 10 digit number
  1. Create an Login with Amazon account to add authentication and identity using oAuth.

  2. In the Login with Amazon Developer Center -> Sign into the App Console -> Register new application button. Fill out requested information about the application.

  3. Copy the Application ID to the private.yml in the property loginWithAmazonAppId and the Client ID to the property loginWithAmazonClientId:

# Login with Amazon
loginWithAmazonClientId: amzn1.application-oa2-client.0c5b13fba4be0ae5b7c1816481fc93a
loginWithAmazonAppId: amzn1.application.0bfd7ce688a440a1a0a1ad215923053e1
  1. Expand Web Settings and click the Edit button.

  2. In the Allowed JavaScript Origins enter the Fully Qualified Domain Name for your hosted websites, e.g. https://<stage>.<> where stage will be the name of the stage web application when deployed, and is the registered domain name. Local development requires that https://localhost:7700 is allowed as an origin. This application does not employ return URLs. Once the list of origins is complete, click "Save".


To deploy the entirety of the project, execute the following from the repository's root directory:

npm run root:install:all
npm run root:deploy:all

If an errors occur, troubleshoot, resolve, and resume deployment.

Post-Deploy Action & Configuration

  1. Add the following roles as "Key Users" of the encryption key created in step 1 of the "Pre-Deploy Action & Configuration" section
  • <stage>ProductPhotosMessage1
  • <stage>ProductPhotosUnmessage1
  • <stage>ReceiveRole1
  1. Note the ServiceEndpoint output from the execution of npm run photos:deploy:5. Alternatively, inspect or describe the stack hello-retail-product-photos-receive-<stage> and note the ServiceEndpoint output. This value will look like https://<apiId><stage>. Open the phone number configuration page for the Twilio number that you purchased and set the Messaging Webhook (use defaults "Webhooks/TwiML", "Webhook", and "HTTP POST") value to that value with a /sms appended to it (e.g. https://<apiId><stage>/sms). It may be helpful to note the stage name in the "Friendly Name" field as well. Then save those configuration changes.

  2. Enable TTL on the table <stage>-hello-retail-product-photos-data-PhotoRegistrations-1 using the attribute timeToLive


“Hello, Retail!” is an open-source, mobile-first, 100% serverless functional proof-of-concept showcasing a complete event sourcing approach applied to the retail platform space.




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