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Go Command Line Urban Dictionary

Just a basic go command line example that find a definition of a word from Urban Dictionary API and displays the first result to the user.

url := fmt.Sprintf("", *wordPtr)


➜  go-command-line-urban-dictionary git:(master) ✗ go build .
➜  go-command-line-urban-dictionary git:(master) ✗ ./go-command-line-urban-dictionary -h
Usage of ./go-command-line-urban-dictionary:
  -word string
        a string (default "foo")

use the -word flag to pass in the word

➜  go-command-line-urban-dictionary git:(master) ✗ ./go-command-line-urban-dictionary -word=yolo
Word: YOLO
Defenition: An overused acronym for "[You only live once]." There is an [exception] for those who believe in [reincarnation] or are cats.
Example: Examples:
—I got up.
—I inhaled.
—I exhaled.
—I [took a shit].
—I [flushed] the toilet.
—I stretched.