Continuous Auditing & Configuration

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  1. rudder

    Continuous configuration for effective compliance

    Scala 201 41

  2. ncf

    ncf is a framework that runs in pure CFEngine language, to help structure your CFEngine policy and provide reusable, single purpose components distributed under the GPLv3 license.

    Python 40 33

  3. rudder-techniques

    Rudder: built-in technique library to handle common configuration or audit tasks

    Smalltalk 14 20

  4. rudder-doc

    Rudder documentation

    CSS 7 21

  5. rudder-api-client

    Rudder API client repository

    Python 5 11

  6. rudder-tests

    Automatic set-up of complex server/relay/node virtual machines topology and test Rudder on it

    Vim script 6 10

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