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Fixes #2234: update the error message when the report is not sent wit…

…h content-disposion: file

(cherry picked from commit 58a6331)

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Clarke <>
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commit ab3196aec6fa26efcd999720ab43b339bdbb8f78 1 parent b393f04
@fanf fanf authored jooooooon committed
4 ...b/src/main/scala/com/normation/inventory/provisioning/endpoint/FusionReportEndpoint.scala
@@ -80,7 +80,9 @@ class FusionReportEndpoint(
val files = request.getFileMap.values
files.size match {
- case 0 => new ResponseEntity("No report send. You have to POST a request with exactly one file in attachment.", HttpStatus.PRECONDITION_FAILED)
+ case 0 => new ResponseEntity("""No report sent. You have to POST a request with exactly one file in attachment (with 'content-disposition': file)
+ |For example, for curl, use: curl -F "file=@path/to/file"
+ |""".stripMargin, HttpStatus.PRECONDITION_FAILED)
case 1 =>
val reportFile = files.toSeq(0)
//copy the session file somewhere where it won't be deleted on that method return

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