Rudder agent support utility repository
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Rudder agent support utility repository.


This repository contains a CLI for rudder. Here is how it works :

rudder help
rudder agent help
rudder agent <command>
rudder server help
rudder server <command> # if you have server support

This cli is made to be expandable, which means that you can add new commands at will.

To add a new command, just drop it into /opt/rudder/share/command and/or make a new pull request to add it to share/command in this repository.

A command must have the following properties :

  • be called agent- or server-

  • parameters will not include the 'agent', 'server' or given in the command line

  • the executable must contain a string with a single line of the form:


  • the executable may also contain a single or multi-line string of the form:


New commands should follow these guidelines :

  • have as few dependencies as possible on the agent side
  • if -h is an option, it must provide help
  • if -v is an option, it must make the command verbose
  • if -d is an option, it must be debug

Build man pages

In order to build the man pages, you will need:

  • asciidoctor for the man output: gem install asciidoctor

Then run make in the man folder. It will generate rudder.8.