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Command line interface for Rudder API

Clients and libraries to call rudder


rudder-cli nodes list --skip-verify
rudder-cli group list --skip-verify
rudder-cli group show 9a07de69-6c52-4f54-9525-06acd6d0edc4
rudder-cli api GET /api/nodes
rudder-cli node list_pending | jq '.nodes[0]'


This is a preview code, you need to install it from github at the moment.

Dependencies: requests, urllib3 and docopt. It should work with python2 and python3.

Clone the repository, then run:

cd lib.python && ./

And put this script in /usr/local/bin/rudder-cli

${BASE}/cli/rudder-cli "$@"

Then create a Rudder API token from Rudder Administration menu > API Accounts

It is a good idea to put all your default arguments in a configuration file in ~/.rudder



Use either rudder-cli --help or rudder-cli <something> --help to get details on command line arguments.

A CLI interface the Rudder Web API.

  rudder-cli api <method> <api_url> [options]
  rudder-cli ( rule | rules ) [<args>...] [options]
  rudder-cli ( change-request | change-requests ) [<args>...] [options]
  rudder-cli ( node | nodes ) [<args>...] [options]
  rudder-cli ( directive | directives ) [<args>...] [options]
  rudder-cli ( group | groups ) [<args>...] [options]

 -h --help                Show help
 -f --conffile=<file>     Configuration file (default: ~/.rudder)
 -u --url=<url>           Base URL (default: https://localhost/rudder)
 -t --token=<token>       API token (create one from Rudder administration)
 -a --ca=<file>           Certificate authority to use to verify SSL (default: python CA bundle)
 --skip-verify            To avoid SSL certificate verification
 -p --proxy=<proxy>       Proxy to use to connect to api (default: '')
 --timeout=<timeout>      Timeout default duration in seconds (default: 5s)
 -r --raw                 Print raw answer
 --reason=<reason>        Reason message for changes (default '')
 --cr-name=<name>         Change Request name (default defined in Rudder)
 --cr-description=<text>  Change Request description
 -j --json=<file>         Add a json input (can be used instead of optional parameters, defaults to stdin for direct api call)

Since we are talking about manipulating json in command line, I warmly recommend you to take a look at jq For example, to get the first pending node:

rudder-cli node list_pending | jq '.nodes[0]'

To get the hostname of all pending nodes:

rudder-cli node list_pending | jq '.nodes[].hostname'

Python library for Rudder API


from rudder import RudderEndPoint
endpoint = RudderEndPoint("https://localhost/rudder", "123465789")
nodes = endpoint.list_accepted_nodes()
details = endpoint.accepted_node_details("0123465798")

This API is a basic mapping on Rudder REST API To call it, just create a Rudder endpoint, it will contain all methods of the Rudder API.

Constructor and caller

class rudder.RudderEndPoint(endpoint_url, api_key, version='latest', timeout=5, verify=True, proxy=None)

Endpoint constructor

request(self, method, api_url, change_info=None, data=None, json_data=None, return_raw=False)

Generic API call, use this when there is a function that has no method in this API yet. This method is called internally by all other methods.

API methods

accept_change_request(self, id, status, change_info=None, return_raw=False)

Accept a Change Request (post)

accepted_node_details(self, id, include=None, return_raw=False)

Get Node details (get)

change_node_status(self, id, status, change_info=None, return_raw=False)

Change pending Node status (post)

change_request_details(self, id, return_raw=False)

Get a Change Request details (get)

clone_directive(self, source, displayName, change_info=None, parameters=None, shortescription=None, longDescription=None, id=None, enabled=None, priority=None, techniqueVersion=None, return_raw=False)

Clone a Directive (put)

clone_group(self, source, displayName, change_info=None, description=None, dynamic=None, query=None, id=None, enabled=None, return_raw=False)

Clone a Group (put)

clone_rule(self, source, displayName, change_info=None, id=None, shortDescription=None, longDescription=None, enabled=None, directives=None, targets=None, return_raw=False)

Clone a Rule (put)

create_directive(self, techniqueName, displayName, change_info=None, parameters=None, shortDescription=None, longDescription=None, id=None, enabled=None, techniqueVersion=None, return_raw=False)

Create a new Directive (put)

create_group(self, nodeGroupCategory, displayName, change_info=None, description=None, dynamic=None, query=None, id=None, enabled=None, return_raw=False)

Create a new Group (put)

create_rule(self, displayName, change_info=None, id=None, shortDescription=None, longDescription=None, enabled=None, directives=None, targets=None, return_raw=False)

Create a new Rule (put)

decline_change_request(self, id, change_info=None, return_raw=False)

Decline a Change Request (delete)

delete_directive(self, id, change_info=None, return_raw=False)

Delete a Directive (delete)

delete_group(self, id, change_info=None, return_raw=False)

Delete a Group (delete)

delete_node(self, id, change_info=None, return_raw=False)

Delete Node (delete)

delete_rule(self, id, change_info=None, return_raw=False)

Delete a Rule (delete)

directive_details(self, id, return_raw=False)

Get a Directive details (get)

group_details(self, id, return_raw=False)

Get Group details (get)

list_accepted_nodes(self, return_raw=False)

List accepted Nodes (get)

list_change_requests(self, status=None, return_raw=False)

List all Changes Requests (get)

list_directives(self, return_raw=False)

List all Directives (get)

list_groups(self, return_raw=False)

List all Groups (get)

list_pending_nodes(self, return_raw=False)

List pending Nodes (get)

list_rules(self, return_raw=False)

List all Rules (get)

reload_group(self, id, change_info=None, return_raw=False)

Reload a Group (post)

rule_details(self, id, return_raw=False)

Get a Rule details (get)

update_change_request(self, id, change_info=None, name=None, description=None, return_raw=False)

Update a Change Request (post)

update_directive(self, id, change_info=None, displayName=None, shortDescription=None, longDescription=None, parameters=None, enabled=None, priority=None, techniqueVersion=None, return_raw=False)

Update a Directive (post)

update_group(self, id, change_info=None, displayName=None, description=None, dynamic=None, query=None, enabled=None, return_raw=False)

Update a Group (post)

update_node_properties(self, id, change_info=None, return_raw=False)

Set Node properties (post)

update_rule(self, id, change_info=None, displayName=None, enabled=None, shortDescription=None, longDescription=None, directives=None, targets=None, return_raw=False)

Update a Rule (post)