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ncf-api-virtualenv Merge branch 'branches/rudder/2.11' into branches/rudder/3.0
ncf Merge branch 'branches/rudder/2.10' into branches/rudder/2.11
rsyslog-suse Fixes #4588: Make package building less verbose (impl)
rudder-agent-thin Fixes #6095: Do not build rudder agent with FORTIFY_SOURCE (breaks CF…
rudder-agent Revert "Fixes #6396: Using parsestringarrayidx on AIX leads to agent …
rudder-inventory-endpoint Fixes #5782: Use the JDK 1.7+ by default on our packages
rudder-inventory-ldap Merge branch 'branches/rudder/2.11' into branches/rudder/3.0
rudder-jetty Merge branch 'branches/rudder/2.11' into branches/rudder/3.0
rudder-policy-templates Fixes #4672: Use always the same maitainer for packages
rudder-reports Fixes #5651: Use the same SPEC macro version comparison everywhere
rudder-server-relay Fixes #5863: Copy rudder-server-relay vhost correctly in debian packa…
rudder-server-root Fixes #5715: Create the rudder-server-relay package
rudder-techniques Fixes #6286: Append the epoch to the ncf explicit dependency on rudde…
rudder-webapp Merge branch 'branches/rudder/2.11' into branches/rudder/3.0
LICENSE Initial import
README.asciidoc Ref #2779 change description of rudder in README Fixes #4466: Add missing files to rudder-agent (


Rudder: configuration management for the masses

This project is part of Rudder - configuration management made easy.

See: for more information.



This project is licensed under GPLv3 license, see the provided "LICENSE" file or


Thank you for your interest in our project! The contribution process is detailed here:


This git repository contains all the packaging and patches required to build Rudder packages, in debian and RPM format.

Currently, rudder-agent has been tested and built on Debian 5-6, CentOS 5-6, RHEL 5-6, Ubuntu 10.04-11.04, SLES 10-11. Other packages are necessary on the Rudder root server only, and have only been tested and built on Debian 5-6 and SLES 11.


The easiest way to test and use Rudder is to install it from the provided Linux packages, see:

You can also build these packages yourself. Each directory in this git repository contains the packaging for one package, including the following

  • BUILD - contains temporary files during RPM builds

  • debian - is the main debian packaging directory as found in all debian packages

  • RPMS - contains binary RPMs after they are built

  • SOURCES - contains patches or original sources to package, and is used to download any other necessary sources

  • SPECS - contains RPM spec files

  • SRPMS - contains source RPMs after they are built

Before building any packages, make sure you download the required source files, by entering the SOURCES directory and running make:

$ cd <package name>/SOURCES && make
GIT_BRANCH_RUDDER is not defined by default. You have to replace "<put branch or tag name here>" by a branch or a tag name.
  • branches/rudder/2.3 (maintained versions)

  • origin/master (alpha version)

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