Rudder: built-in technique library to handle common configuration or audit tasks
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Rudder: configuration management for the masses

This project is part of Rudder - configuration management made easy.

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This sub-project is licensed under GPLv3 license, see the provided "LICENSE" file or


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This repository contains the Techniques Library of Rudder, which enables Rudder to perform every task configured in its interface using the CFEngine configuration management software.

This project is composed of three directories:


Contains the cfengine promises used to "bootstrap" a new Rudder agent and make him send his inventory to the Rudder server in order to be recognized by the system


The Techniques Library


Contains the tools used by the Techniques Library to perform some tasks


This project is part of Rudder, and as such is bundled with every Rudder server.

However, if you want to test a new release of the Techniques or use a more up to date revision, you can clone this repository and copy it’s contents to the appropriate directories in /var/rudder.