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Rudder: Continuous configuration for effective compliance

Rudder is an easy to use, web-driven, role-based solution for IT Infrastructure Automation & Compliance.

See: for more information on Rudder.

See: for more information on vagrant.

This repository contains a Vagrant configuration, enabling
the user to launch from scratch a complete Rudder environment in a few minutes.

=== Synopsis

* Have vagrant >=1.4 and VirtualBox, and run:

vagrant up

* Connect to https://localhost:8081/
* Login with: admin / admin

=== Requirements

There are two dependencies: VirtualBox and Vagrant.

The former may be installed using your favorite package management system, and the latter should be downloaded from vagrant website.

See the complete installation instructions here:

* VirtualBox:
* Vagrant:

=== Usage

When you have the required dependencies, clone this repository:

git clone && cd rudder-vagrant

Then you can use the Vagrant environment at will:

* To launch a complete environment (based on latest Ubuntu LTS)

vagrant up

NOTE: Your Rudder environment is available at: https://localhost:8081/

NOTE: The node and the server are automatically set to communicate with each
other, but you will have to wait approximately 10mn before the node appears in
Rudder's web interface in the node acceptation pane.
If you are in a hurry, run a 'rudder agent inventory' on the node, and 'rudder agent run' on the
server to make things go a bit faster.

=== Command reference for Vagrant

* Launch selectively one machine:

vagrant up server

* Cleanly shutdown the VMs (issuing a "vagrant up" after that does not deploy the
VMs again but instead starts them normally)

vagrant halt

* Trash the enviroment (obliterate the VMs)

vagrant destroy

* Suspend / Resume the VMs (NOT RECOMMENDED)

vagrant suspend # Or "resume"

NOTE: This command messes up the VMs clock (I call that the DeLorean effect) and is
likely to make Rudder output odd reports if you do not have an active NTP daemon.

* Open an SSH shell connection to a machine

vagrant ssh server

=== Authors


- Matthieu "Kegeruneku" Cerda
- Vincent Membré
- Benoit Peccatte

=== License

This project is licensed under GPLv3 license,
see the provided "LICENSE" file or

=== Contributing

Thank you for your interest in our project!
The contribution process is detailed here:

Rudder website: