Script that periodically scrapes Craigslist apartment listings and e-mails you the new ones.
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Copyright (c) 2010 Jake Brukhman
LICENSE: Public domain.

Periodically checks a Craigslist RSS feed for new apartment listings and e-mails
them to a recipient.  Set all configuration in


* Install BeautifulSoup. See

* Customize your settings in


Find your favorite craigslist apartments URL, and set the CRAIGS_URL variable in  For instance,
to search for "all apartments in Brooklyn", find the Craigslist 3-letter code for Brooklyn: "brk".  Set
the url to:

You can also set "abo" for "apartments by owner" and other Craigslist codes.  To run the script:

  $ python --query "williamsburg" --maxAsk 3000

will find all Williamsburg apartments with a maximum price of $3000.  You can search for multiple
neighborhoods simultaneously by separating them with a comma:

  $ python --query "williamsburg,park slope,clinton hill" --maxAsk 3000 --bedrooms 2

And so forth.  See --help for further usage.