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Fullscreen graphics view for Mixed-Reality soccer scenario.


  • mrServer build files


Firts you need the mrServer ( installed and build.

Now clone this repository next to the mrServer repository.

 git clone

Change into the cloned repository and build it using ant

 cd MR-Graphics

Run the MR-Graphics (also see command-line options below):

 java -jar mrgraphics.jar

That's all!

Command-line arguments

MR-Graphics supports following command-line arguments:

 -s, --server		Remote server IP (default:
 -p, --port			Remote server port (default: 9060)
 -w, --width		Soccer field window width in px, if no fullscreen
 -h, --height		Soccer field window height in px, if no fullscreen
 -l, --left			Soccer field window position left in px, if no fullscreen
 -t, --top			Soccer field window position top in px, if no fullscreen
 -f, --fullscreen		Set to enable fullscreen. Will use exlusive fullscreen if supported, otherwise borderless window.
 -d, --display		Number of display/monitor where to show the soccer field.
 -a, --autoconnect		Auto connect to remote server
 -q, --quiet		Starts without control user interface, includes autoconnect.