Board definition files for ALog data loggers (Arduino-Compatible)
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Northern Widget Arduino Boards

This repository contains board definition files for the Arduino-compatible data logger boards developed by A. Wickert and C. Sandell at Northern Widget LLC and the University of Minnesota.

(This repository and README based gratuitously off of Sparkfun's)

AVR Boards

SAMD (ARM Cortex-M0+) Boards

  • [in development]

Each board will be added as an entry to the Arduino Tools > Board menu.

Installation Instructions

Go to File > Preferences (or Arduino > Preferences on Mac).

Open the Arduino IDE preferences

Open 'Additional Boards Manager URLs', and paste the following in either the box for Additional Boards Manager URLs, or, if this is populated, the window that pops up when you hit the button to the right of the Additional Boards Manager URLs text entry area:

Paste the URL here

Unless you already have done that for third-party boards... in that case, open this frame and paste the URL here.

Now, go to Tools > Board > Boards Manager....

Open the boards manager here.

Click it, and the following window will appear:

Boards Manager.

if you type in "Northern Widget" (or usually just "Northern" as well), you should see an option to install board files for Northern Widget Arduino compatible boards.

Northern Widget boards.

If Northern Widget options do not appear, restart your Arduino IDE and try again.

Click "Install" to add the NorthernWidget boards to your list. At the time of writing, we support only AVR boards, but this may change soon.

ALog (AVR) support installed.

Now, when you select the Boards list, you will see a collection of new boards for Northern Widget.

You will then want to change your chosen board to the board that you have. At the time of writing, this is probably the "ALog BottleLogger v2"; the "legacy" option is used for v2.0.0-beta and prior, and there are fewer of these boards in circulation.

Select the proper board.

That's it! You're done, and ready to rock and roll... er, collect data, with your ALog data logger.