Slackbot that retrieves stock quotes from Yahoo Finance for a given ticker symbol
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A slackbot that retrieves stock quote information from Yahoo Finance given a ticker symbol in Slack.


Stockbot is Slack's Python-based real-time messaging bot wrapped around Łukasz Banasiak's Python wrapper for the Yahoo Finance API.


There are two ways to use stockbot. The first is to input the trigger word ('quote' by default) and one or more stock tickers. You'll get back a separate reply for each stock listed.

The second usage is to enter the word 'range', a ticker symbol, and a start and end date. Stockbot will return the average stock price over that date range.

In both cases, the trigger word must be the first word in the message. It is not case sensitive.

Example Usage

>>> quote GOOG YHOO
Stock​: 'GOOG'
Current Price​: $742.60
Day Range​: $741.27 - $754.93
52 Wk Range​: $486.23 - $762.71
YoY Change​: +39%
Market Cap​: $510.70B
Stock​: 'YHOO'
Current Price​: $33.81
Day Range​: $32.85 - $33.83
52 Wk Range​: $27.20 - $51.68
YoY Change​: -33%
Market Cap​: $31.93B

>>> range yhoo 2014-11-30 2015-11-30
The average price for 'YHOO' from 2014-11-30 to 2015-11-30 is: $40.41



  1. Download stockbot
cd stock-quote-slackbot
  1. Install dependencies
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Configure rtmbot (Slack instructions.) Go to Slack integrations, make a new Slackbot, and grab the token. You get to choose your bot's name and icon. Also, pick a trigger word in the rtmbot.conf file.
cp example-config/rtmbot.conf .
vi rtmbot.conf
SLACK_TOKEN: "xoxb-11111111111-222222222222222"

  1. Run it! (You've got to keep it running as long as you want to use it; something like nohup might be helpful.)