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What is this?

This repo is an unofficial MediaTek "feeds" for OpenWrt or Lede. This project is experimental, and technical support will be limited.

In OpenWrt/Lede, a "feeds" is a collection of software components (applications, libraries, kernel-modules, ...) that you can integrate into your OpenWrt/Lede system.

How can I use them?

I assume that you already have a working OpenWrt/Lede workspace, then add the following line into "feeds.conf.default" (You will find it under the top dir of your workspace).

src-git mtk;lede-17.01

then execute:

scripts/feeds update -f mtk
scripts/feeds install -a -p mtk

Now you will be able to see extra packages via make menuconfig. All packages from this feeds are located under MTK Properties.

What do we have here?


These are prebuilt WiFi modules for OpenWrt/Lede, including:

  • mt7620 (done)
  • mt7628 (done)
  • mt7610 (done)
  • mt7602 (done)
  • mt7612 (done)
  • mt7603 (done)
  • mt7615 (done)

You can download all available wifi modules here: . The are named as:


A detailed document for using these WiFi modules is here: .


An application that translates "/etc/config/wireless" into MTK's WiFi profiles (e.g. mt7620.dat). You may use it as an adapter to make MTK's WiFi drivers work with standard LuCi's WiFi management.


An application that reads/writes configuration files with "=[Value]" syntax. It can be used in your own scripts to help manipulate MTK WiFi profiles.

If you use lua, you should take a look at:


The term "nvram" in MTK's software means a raw storage scheme on flash chips. It access flash device in raw mode (without filesystem).

All data stored in nvram partition are "=[Value]" pairs. It usually resides in mtd partition "config".

Note: OpenWrt/Lede has replaced nvram scheme with uci long ago. I keep this for back compatibility only.


This is a plugin for LuCI web interface, which manipulates MTK's proprietary drivers by reading/writing its profile directly. It does not use uci, so "/etc/config/wireless" is left untouched.

To use it, you should install LuCI first:

scripts/feeds update
scripts/feeds install luci

Also we have a small tool called "web console" along with the plugin, it exposes root shell to the web interface, and sometimes you may need it.

Technical support?

I do this in my spare time, so I cannot promise too much. Anyway, you are welcome to feedback any issues/bugs/suggestions/patches here. That would be helpful for MTK to improve what they are doing.