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Debugging Performance Issues

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In order for us to answer whether Nosto is slowing down your site, we'll require the following:

  1. The URL on which you audited via the Lighthouse Audit as this allows us to audit the same page.
  2. A full-page screenshot in Incognito Mode with the Audit panel in focus as this allows us to compare our scores against yours.
  3. A comment explaining why you think Nosto is the culprit as this allows us to answer your concerns.

We've adopted Lighthouse as our de-facto performance audit tool. Lighthouse is free and simply requires you use Chrome.

Lighthouse Audit Panel on Google

A standard configuration provides to good base on which we can answer your concerns. In the event that your configuration differs from ours, so will the result and the answer. For the best results, we recommend the following configuration.

  1. Audit for the "Desktop" version
  2. Audit for "Performance"
  3. Apply "No Throttling"
  4. "Clear Storage" before auditing
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