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GraphQL: Updating Products

Mridang Agarwalla edited this page Dec 9, 2018 · 6 revisions

Mutations can be used to update the product catalog in Nosto. The updateProducts mutation allows you to update one or more products at a go.

Any validation errors in the product data are accessible in the response. The entire product object is accessible in the response too. In the event that a product validation error led to the product to not be updated, the response would contain the errors as well as the invalid product data.

Note: This mutation is currently in beta and may not support mutating all product fields. At the time of writing, it is only possible to update the UGC images for a product.

The given example updates the UGC image for product #74 and requests the details of the updated products and any associated errors.

curl -0 -v -X POST \
-u ":<token>" \
-H 'Content-Type: application/graphql' \
-d @- << EOF
mutation {
  updateProducts(products: [
      id: "74"
      url: ""
      ugcImages: [
          url: ""
  ]) {
    result {
      errors {
      data {
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