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How Nosto data exchange works

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First its important to understand a few of the concepts before delving in to the documentation, to make sure that you as a integrator understand the different steps and tools required.

  • Nosto initializes by using a snippet of Javascript that starts the dialogue to your dedicated account.
  • Nosto depends on structured data that we extract from your site. At the bare minimum you need to go through all the steps listed under Manual Implementation - Essentials.
  • You can access your own account in the Nosto admin UI ( where you can enable/configure/modify features. All templating and layouts are handled within your account.

You can read more about how are crawling mechanism works under How does the Nosto crawler work? to find out how the front-end implementation methodology functions.

If you for some reason require to explicitly schedule our crawler with cronjobs or events you can do that with our Recrawl API: Updating products using the Recrawl API or if your page for some reason is not crawlable you can send us product details using our Products API: Sending products manually with the Products API

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