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Opening a Popup

Mridang Agarwalla edited this page Mar 13, 2019 · 5 revisions

You can open up a Nosto behavioral pop-up by calling the api.openPopup() function. The first argument of the function is the ID of the popup campaign whose pop-up you want to show. The pop-up campaigns, including the pop-up templates themselves, are created in the Nosto Administration UI

Please note that some campaigns have active trigger types and can be opened automatically. If you want to use only the api.openPopup() call to open pop-ups, please create the respective campaigns using the JavaScript API pop-up trigger type.

You can also give a second, optional argument to the api.openPopup() function. The second argument is an object with the following fields:

nostojs(function(api) {
  var arrayOfPopupCampaigns = api.popupCampaigns();

  // arrayOfPopupCampaigns = [
  //   { id: "campaignId", name: "campaignName", type: "triggerType" },
  //   ...
  // ];

  var popupCampaignId = arrayOfPopupCampaigns[0].id;


  // or

  var popupOptions = {
    // Effects corresponding to the ones in the admin UI
    effects: {
      overlayOpacity: 0.8,
      fadeInDelayMs: 300
    preview: false
  api.openPopup(popupCampaignId, popupOptions);  


Field Type Default Reason
effects Read-Only Describes the effects that should be used displaying the pop-up. If given, overrides the effects set up for the campaign in the Nosto Administration. See below for the description of the effects object.
preview boolean If true, an actual discount coupon won’t be given and the pop-up display won’t count in the analytics. Use this to preview the pop-up on your site.
overlayOpacity number 0.8 How opaque, or non-transparent, the background should look like when showing the pop-up. Value can range from 0.0 to 1.0
fadeInDelayMs number 0 How many milliseconds to take to fade in the pop-up.
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