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RadioInterface Module: VUHFRadio Add-on Module

This is the firmware for an GUI Interface Add-on module for the VUHFRadio Module. Adds a 2.2" TFT Screen with buttons for control of the VUHFRadio Module.

Some characteristics of this firmware:

  • Custom TFT Screen drivers for the ILI9341 over SPI
  • Custom 2D Library to draw basic shapes and text
  • Custom AX.25 decoding/encode library
  • The MCU used is an STM32F103 and this firmware uses the LL Library
  • Command interface to the VUHFRadio module uses the CAT command interface used in the VUHRadio Module over a private UART interface
  • TNC style interface to the VUHFRadio uses the KISS protocol

Current version is tested and works with:

  • Switching between the two Radio/Transceiver channels, VHF and UHF
  • Loading of configurations on startup from the VUHFRadio Module
  • Update and display RSSI and RF Frequency tracking variables
  • Working menus for changing main analog domain and digital domain configurations and send the changes to the VUHFRadio module
  • Display last CAT command sent and return status
  • Decode and display AX.25 frames received from the VUHFRadio Module over the KISS protocol
  • A Waterfall window with vertical scrolling to show the history of the RSSI and RF Frequency tracking variables

Detailed explanation on the RadioInterface Module and its usage:

File Organization

src/HAL: MCU peripheral drivers, custom HALs

src/Graphics: TFT Screen interface wrapper and custom 2D Library (tft_gui.c)

src/gui.c: GUI Interface

src/Radio/CATInterface.c: CAT Command Handler and interpreter functions

src/Radio/ax25.c AX25 encode and decode library

include/configs.c: Radio configurations save files


GUI Interface Add-on module for the VUHFRadio Module






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