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Getting Started

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Getting Started


To be able to make changes to the database you will need to be voiced in our IRC channel (#NotEnoughMods on Espernet). If you aren't voiced and you want to help out just mention that in the channel and staff or one of our trusted members will voice you.

Commands that only view data do not require any permissions.

Syntax help

If you don't know how to interpret the command syntax:

<...> represents a required argument, while [...] (or [<...>]) represents an optional argument.

Those symbols are not part of what you have to write. Confused? Here's an example:


!lmod 1.8 ModName 1.0


!lmod <1.8> <ModName> <1.0> []

Adding a mod

If the mod already exists and you're adding it to a different Minecraft version, please use !clone.

!lmod <list> <name> <version> <url>

Note: If you're adding a mod without a stable release (only dev versions), add it with a dev-only version and then update its dev version, like this:

!lmod <list> <mod> dev-only <url>
!ldev <list> <mod> <version>

After adding the version, you might want to add the author, mod ID and dependencies.

Updating a mod's version

!lmod <list> <mod> <version>

Updating a mod's dev version

!ldev <list> <mod> <version>

Updating/setting some metadata

  • Author: !lauthor <list> <mod> <author>
  • Mod ID (Forge Mod ID): !lmodid <list> <mod> <mod_id>
  • Comment: !lcomment <list> <mod> <comment>
  • Repo: !lrepo <list> <mod> <repo_url>
  • License: !llicense <list> <mod> <license>
  • Link: !llink <list> <modname> <link>

The commands to remove said metadata are prefixed with rm: lrmauthor, lrmmodid, lrmcomment and so on.



!l+dep <list> <mod> <dependency>


!lrmdep <list> <mod> <dependency>


!ldeps <list> <mod>

Deprecation note: All "non-l" commands (commands that don't have the list parameter) are deprecated and will be removed in the future.

Getting help

You can use !help commands to get a list of commands you have access to and !help command_name_here to get help on a specific command.

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