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// graphics.h
// Revision 9-jan-2005
#include "blassic.h"
namespace graphics {
struct Point {
int x, y;
Point (int xx, int yy) : x (xx), y (yy) { }
Point (): x (0), y (0) { }
void initialize (const char * progname);
void uninitialize ();
void origin (int x, int y);
void limits (int minx, int maxx, int miny, int maxy);
void ink (int inknum, int cpccolor);
void ink (int inknum, int r, int g, int b);
void clearink ();
//void idle ();
using blassic::idle;
void cls ();
void cls (BlChannel n);
void setmode (int width, int height, bool inverty,
int zoomx= 1, int zoomy= 1);
void setmode (int mode);
void setmode (const std::string & mode);
bool ingraphicsmode ();
void setcolor (int color);
int getcolor ();
void setcolor (BlChannel ch, int color);
int getcolor (BlChannel ch);
void setbackground (int color);
int getbackground ();
void setbackground (BlChannel ch, int color);
int getbackground (BlChannel ch);
void settransparent (int transpmode);
void setdrawmode (int mode);
void line (int x, int y);
void liner (int x, int y);
void drawarc (int x, int y, double g);
void rectangle (Point org, Point dest);
void rectanglefilled (Point org, Point dest);
void zxplot (Point p);
void zxunplot (Point p);
void move (int x, int y);
void mover (int x, int y);
void plot (int x, int y);
void plotr (int x, int y);
void plot (std::vector <Point> & points);
int test (int x, int y, bool relative);
void circle (int x, int y, int radius);
void arccircle (int x, int y, int radius,
BlNumber arcbeg, BlNumber arcend);
void ellipse (int x, int y, int rx, int ry);
void arcellipse (int x, int y, int rx, int ry,
BlNumber arcbeg, BlNumber arcend);
void paint (int x, int y, int paintattr, int borderattr);
void mask (int m);
void maskdrawfirstpoint (bool f);
void draw (const std::string & str);
Point getlast ();
std::string getkey ();
std::string inkey ();
bool pollin ();
int keypressed (int keynum);
void charout (char c);
void stringout (const std::string & str);
void charout (BlChannel ch, char c);
void stringout (BlChannel ch, const std::string & str);
std::string copychr (BlChannel ch, BlChar from, BlChar to);
std::string screenchr (int x, int y);
void definewindow (BlChannel n, int x1, int x2, int y1, int y2);
void undefinewindow (BlChannel ch);
size_t getlinewidth ();
size_t getlinewidth (BlChannel ch);
//void locate (int row, int col);
void gotoxy (int x, int y);
void tab (size_t n);
void movecharforward (size_t n);
void movecharback (size_t n);
void movecharup (size_t n);
void movechardown (size_t n);
void gotoxy (BlChannel ch, int x, int y);
void tab (BlChannel ch);
void tab (BlChannel ch, size_t x);
void movecharforward (BlChannel ch, size_t n);
void movecharback (BlChannel ch, size_t n);
void movecharup (BlChannel ch, size_t n);
void movechardown (BlChannel ch, size_t n);
void scroll (BlChannel ch, int n);
void symbolafter (int symbol);
void definesymbol (int symbol, const unsigned char (& byte) [8] );
void synchronize (bool mode);
void synchronize ();
void synchronize_suspend ();
void synchronize_restart ();
int xmouse ();
int ymouse ();
int xpos ();
int xpos (BlChannel ch);
int ypos ();
int ypos (BlChannel ch);
void tag (BlChannel ch);
void tagoff (BlChannel ch);
bool istagactive (BlChannel ch);
void showcursor ();
void hidecursor ();
void showcursor (BlChannel ch);
void hidecursor (BlChannel ch);
void inverse (BlChannel ch, bool active);
bool getinverse (BlChannel ch);
void bright (BlChannel ch, bool active);
bool getbright (BlChannel ch);
void clean_input ();
void ring ();
void set_title (const std::string & title);
void set_default_title (const std::string & title);
void get_image (int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, const std::string & name);
void put_image (int x, int y, const std::string & name, int mode);
void clear_images ();
} // namespace graphics
// Fin de graphics.h
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