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# Makefile for Winxed
# Modify this section to meet your operating system conventions and
# compiler used.
CXX = g++
CFLAGS = -g -Wall
DRIVER = winxedrun
default: stage0 driver winxedst1.pbc winxedst2.pbc
all: default
pbc: $(DRIVER).pbc
@echo "Targets:"
@echo " default - Build the stage 0, the driver and stage 1 and 2 .pbc"
@echo " stage0 - Build the stage 0 compiler"
@echo " stage1 - Build the driver and the stage 1 native executable"
@echo " stage2 - Build the driver and the stage 2 native executable"
@echo " all - Build all"
@echo " driver - Build the compiler driver - native executable"
@echo " pbc - Build the compiler driver - parrot binary"
@echo " test - Run the stage 0 tests"
@echo " testv - Run the stage 0 tests with -v option"
@echo " test1 - Run the stage 1 tests"
@echo " test2 - Run the stage 2 tests"
@echo " help - This message"
# Compiler stage 0
stage0: winxedst0$(EXEEXT)
winxedst0$(EXEEXT): winxedst0$(OBJEXT) token$(OBJEXT) errors$(OBJEXT) emit$(OBJEXT)
$(CXX) -o winxedst0 winxedst0$(OBJEXT) token$(OBJEXT) errors$(OBJEXT) emit$(OBJEXT)
winxedst0$(OBJEXT): winxedst0.cpp emit.h token.h errors.h
$(CXX) $(CFLAGS) -c winxedst0.cpp
token$(OBJEXT): token.cpp token.h errors.h
$(CXX) $(CFLAGS) -c token.cpp
errors$(OBJEXT): errors.cpp errors.h token.h
$(CXX) $(CFLAGS) -c errors.cpp
emit$(OBJEXT): emit.cpp emit.h token.h
$(CXX) $(CFLAGS) -c emit.cpp
# Compiler stage 1
winxedst1.pbc: winxedst1.pir
parrot -o winxedst1.pbc winxedst1.pir
winxedst1.pir: winxedst0$(EXEEXT) winxedst1.winxed
./winxedst0 -o winxedst1.pir winxedst1.winxed
# Compiler stage 2
winxedst2.pbc: winxedst2.pir
parrot -o winxedst2.pbc winxedst2.pir
winxedst2.pir: winxedst1.winxed winxedst1.pbc $(DRIVER).pbc
parrot $(DRIVER).pbc --stage=1 -c -o winxedst2.pir winxedst1.winxed
# Driver
driver: winxed$(EXEEXT)
winxed$(EXEEXT): $(DRIVER).pbc
pbc_to_exe --output=winxed$(EXEEXT) $(DRIVER).pbc
$(DRIVER).pbc: $(DRIVER).pir
parrot -o $(DRIVER).pbc $(DRIVER).pir
$(DRIVER).pir: winxed.winxed winxedst0$(EXEEXT)
./winxedst0$(EXEEXT) -o $(DRIVER).pir winxed.winxed
# Install
# Testing, handle with care
# Preinstall: generate pir files
preinstall: \
setup.pir \
pir/winxed_compiler.pir \
# Installed compiler is stage 1 built with stage 2
pir/winxed_compiler.pir: winxedst2.pbc $(DRIVER).pbc
parrot $(DRIVER).pbc -c -o pir/winxed_compiler.pir winxedst1.winxed
# Installed driver
pir/winxed_installed.pir: winxed_installed.winxed winxedst2.pbc $(DRIVER).pbc
parrot $(DRIVER).pbc -c -o pir/winxed_installed.pir winxed_installed.winxed
# setup.pir for use from plumage
setup.pir: setup.winxed winxedst2.pbc $(DRIVER).pbc
parrot $(DRIVER).pbc -c -o setup.pir setup.winxed
# Install
install: preinstall
parrot setup.pir
parrot setup.pir install
# Useful for some tests
%.pir: %.winxed winxed
./winxedst0$(EXEEXT) $<
test: $(DRIVER).pbc
parrot $(DRIVER).pbc --stage=0 t/harness --stage=0 -r t/basic t/*.t
testv: $(DRIVER).pbc
parrot $(DRIVER).pbc t/harness -rv t/basic t/*.t
test1: $(DRIVER).pbc winxedst1.pbc
parrot $(DRIVER).pbc --stage=1 t/harness --stage=1 -r t/basic t/advanced t/*.t
test2: $(DRIVER).pbc winxedst2.pbc
parrot $(DRIVER).pbc --stage=2 t/harness --stage=2 -r t/basic t/advanced t/*.t
rm -f winxedst2$(EXEEXT)
rm -f winxedst2$(OBJEXT)
rm -f winxedst2.c
rm -f winxedst1$(EXEEXT)
rm -f winxedst1$(OBJEXT)
rm -f winxedst1.c
rm -f winxedst0$(EXEEXT)
rm -f winxedst2.pbc
rm -f winxedst1.pbc
rm -f winxedst2.pir
rm -f winxedst1.pir
rm -f winxed$(EXEEXT)
rm -f winxed$(OBJEXT)
rm -f winxed.c
rm -f $(DRIVER).pbc
rm -f $(DRIVER).pir
rm -f *$(OBJEXT)
# Makefile end
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