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The winxed programming language
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examples use some more inline and delete long dead code in example fly
pir update installable compiler
t parse values for constants in the context of the ConstStatement, fix …
Makefile fix cleandebug target: clean debug driver
NEWS jump to 1.10 devel Update winxed url
emit.cpp new builtin __ASSERT__ in stage 0
emit.h new builtin __ASSERT__ in stage 0
errors.cpp diagnose delete unsupported in stage 0 and refactor a bit unsupported…
errors.h diagnose delete unsupported in stage 0 and refactor a bit unsupported…
setup.json update repository uris
setup.pir update NEWS and generated files
setup.winxed use $load and keyed new for Getopt Obj in setup
token.cpp backport fixes for carriage return to stages 0 and 1
token.h drop support for single quoted strings from stage 0
winxed.winxed drop support for try modifiers from stage 1
winxed_installed.winxed show backtrace in installable driver
winxedst0.cpp annotate argument list preparation in stage 0
winxedst1.winxed fix comparaisons between var and float
winxedst2.winxed fix comparaisons between var and float

Winxed compiler.

(C) 2009-2012 Julián Albo


You need a C++ compiler and parrot installed an in your PATH.

  • Use 'make' to build.
  • Use 'make install' to install. It gets installed in the appropiate directories of the parrot install.
  • Alternatively, you can install Winxed using parrot plumage. That way a C++ compiler is not needed.


winxed [options] sourcefile

Command line options:

  • --target pir
    Compile to pir
  • --target pbc
    Compile to pir, call parrot to compile to pbc and delete the pir file.
  • -o filename
    Use filename for the generated file.
  • -c
    Compile only. Same as --target pir
  • -e codfragment
    Evaluate. The code fragment provided is compiled inside a 'function main(argv) {' ... ';}' enveloppe. Useful for one-liners and quick tests.
  • --help
    Show help

See --help for more options.

Web site:

Code repository:

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