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// winxedxx_types.h
// (C) 2011 Julián Albo
#include <string>
#include <map>
namespace WinxedXX
class WxxRefcounted
WxxRefcounted(size_t initial);
virtual ~WxxRefcounted();
void incref();
void decref();
size_t refcount;
class WxxObject;
class WxxObjectArray;
class WxxLibrary;
class WxxInnerFunction;
class WxxNamespace;
class WxxFunctionVars : public WxxRefcounted
WxxFunctionVars() : WxxRefcounted(1)
class WxxDataHolder
WxxDataHolder(WxxFunctionVars *newdata) : data(newdata) { data->incref(); }
~WxxDataHolder() { data->decref(); }
WxxFunctionVars *data;
class WxxObjectPtr
WxxObjectPtr(int value);
WxxObjectPtr(double value);
WxxObjectPtr(const std::string &value);
WxxObjectPtr(const WxxObjectPtr &old);
WxxObjectPtr(WxxObject * obj);
WxxObjectPtr(WxxObjectPtr (*)(const WxxObjectArray&));
WxxObjectPtr(WxxNamespace * obj);
WxxObjectPtr(WxxInnerFunction * obj);
std::string class_name() const;
WxxObjectPtr & set(int value);
WxxObjectPtr & set(double value);
WxxObjectPtr & set(const std::string &s);
WxxObjectPtr &operator = (const WxxObjectPtr &from);
WxxObjectPtr & operator = (int i);
WxxObjectPtr & operator = (double value);
WxxObjectPtr & operator = (const std::string &s);
int is_equal(const WxxObjectPtr &from) const;
int is_same(const WxxObjectPtr &from) const;
operator int() const;
operator bool() const;
operator double() const;
operator std::string() const;
WxxObjectPtr & increment();
WxxObjectPtr & decrement();
int is_null() const;
int instanceof(const std::string &type) const;
std::string get_string() const;
int get_integer() const;
double get_number() const;
void *get_pointer() const;
void set_pointer(void *p) const;
int elements() const;
WxxObjectPtr add(const WxxObjectPtr &value);
WxxObjectPtr sub(const WxxObjectPtr &value);
std::string get_string_keyed(int i) const;
WxxObjectPtr get_pmc_keyed(int i) const;
WxxObjectPtr get_pmc_keyed(const std::string &s) const;
WxxObjectPtr get_pmc_keyed(const WxxObjectPtr &key) const;
void set_pmc_keyed(int i, const WxxObjectPtr &value) const;
void set_pmc_keyed(const std::string &s, const WxxObjectPtr &value) const;
void set_pmc_keyed(const WxxObjectPtr &key, const WxxObjectPtr &value) const;
int exists(const std::string &key) const;
WxxObjectPtr & get_attr_str(const std::string &s) const;
void set_attr_str(const std::string &s, const WxxObjectPtr &value) const;
void push(WxxObjectPtr obj) const;
void push(int i) const;
void push(double value) const;
void push(const std::string &str) const;
WxxObjectPtr get_iter() const;
WxxObjectPtr shift_pmc() const;
WxxObjectPtr get_class() const;
WxxObjectPtr instantiate() const;
WxxObjectPtr operator()(const WxxObjectArray &args) const;
WxxObjectPtr call_method(const std::string &methname) const;
WxxObjectPtr call_method(const std::string &methname, WxxObjectArray &args) const;
WxxLibrary *getlib() const;
WxxObject *object;
extern WxxObjectPtr winxedxxnull;
class WxxInnerFunction : public WxxRefcounted
virtual WxxObjectPtr operator()(const WxxObjectArray &args) = 0;
WxxObjectPtr wxx_error(const std::string &message);
WxxObjectPtr wxx_error(const std::string &message, int severity);
WxxObjectPtr wxx_error(const std::string &message, int severity, int type);
WxxObjectPtr wxx_die(const std::string &message);
int wxx_time();
double wxx_floattime();
int wxx_sleep(int t);
int wxx_sleep(double t);
int wxx_length(const std::string &str);
int wxx_length(const WxxObjectPtr &obj);
std::string wxx_chr(int code);
int wxx_ord(std::string src);
int wxx_ord(std::string src, int pos);
std::string wxx_substr(const std::string &from, int start);
std::string wxx_substr(const std::string &from, int start, int length);
int wxx_indexof(const std::string &from, const std::string &search);
int wxx_indexof(const std::string &from, const std::string &search, int pos);
std::string wxx_chomp(const std::string &src);
std::string wxx_escape(const std::string &src);
std::string wxx_unescape(const std::string &src);
WxxObjectPtr wxx_new(const std::string &name);
WxxObjectPtr wxx_new(const std::string &name, WxxObjectArray args);
WxxObjectPtr wxx_new_string(const std::string &name);
WxxObjectPtr wxx_new_string(const std::string &name, WxxObjectPtr arg);
WxxObjectPtr wxx_new_obj(const WxxObjectPtr &clobj);
WxxObjectPtr wxx_new_obj(const WxxObjectPtr &clobj,
const std::string &constructor);
WxxObjectPtr wxx_new_obj(const WxxObjectPtr &clobj,
const std::string &constructor, WxxObjectArray args);
WxxObjectPtr wxx_open(const std::string &filename);
WxxObjectPtr wxx_open(const std::string &filename, const std::string &mode);
} // namespace WinxedXX
// End of winxedxx_types.h