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// winxedxx_null.h
// (C) 2011 Julián Albo "NotFound"
namespace WinxedXX
class WxxNull : public WxxObject
void init_pmc(const WxxObjectPtr &arg);
std::string class_name() const;
int is_null() const;
int instanceof(const std::string &type);
int get_bool();
int get_integer();
double get_number();
void * get_pointer();
void set_pointer(void *p);
int elements() const;
std::string get_string();
int is_equal(const WxxObject &to);
WxxObject & set(int value);
WxxObject & set(double value);
WxxObject & set(const std::string &s);
void increment();
void decrement();
WxxObjectPtr add(const WxxObjectPtr &value);
WxxObjectPtr sub(const WxxObjectPtr &value);
int get_integer_keyed(int i);
double get_number_keyed(int i);
std::string get_string_keyed(int i);
WxxObjectPtr get_pmc_keyed(int i);
WxxObjectPtr get_pmc_keyed(const std::string &s);
WxxObjectPtr get_pmc_keyed(const WxxObjectPtr &key);
void set_pmc_keyed(int i, const WxxObjectPtr &value);
void set_pmc_keyed(const std::string &s, const WxxObjectPtr &value);
int exists(const std::string &key);
WxxObjectPtr & get_attr_str(const std::string &s);
void set_attr_str(const std::string &s, const WxxObjectPtr &value);
WxxObjectPtr get_iter();
WxxObjectPtr shift_pmc();
WxxObjectPtr get_class();
WxxObjectPtr instantiate();
WxxObjectPtr operator()(WxxObjectArray &args);
WxxObjectPtr call_method(const std::string &methname, WxxObjectArray &args);
void nullaccess(const std::string &funcname) const;
} // namespace WinxedXX
// End of winxedxx_null.h