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Generates Debian package based on latest release of Firefox from Mozilla
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Automatically generate a Debian package for Mozilla Firefox based upon the current release on Mozilla's website.

This repository is a script to generate packages, it does not have the packages themselves.

The generated package will generally be ahead of distribution packages in version, but does not use the libraries or other components installed on the system, so will take up more disk space when installed.

Make sure to uninstall any Firefox package provided by your distribution before installing the generated package.

Installing Firefox

  1. Make sure that any packages provided by your distribution have been removed prior to installation.
    sudo apt remove firefox
    sudo apt remove firefox-esr
    Advanced users, see my notes about conflict with distribution packages
  2. Clone this repository and enter it
    git clone
    cd FirefoxPackager
  3. Run the script
    The script will take a few moments to download the package from Mozilla's servers, and compile it to a deb package
  4. Install the generated package
    sudo dpkg --install firefox-vendor.deb


From your desktop environment's launcher menu, simply select the Firefox launcher. To launch from the command-line, use /opt/mozilla/firefox/firefox.


Uninstalling is simple and is done through dpkg.

sudo apt remove firefox-vendor

Conflicts with distribution packages

The name of this package is firefox-vendor instead of firefox to avoid conflict with distribution packages. Additionally, this package installs Firefox into a directory inside of /opt, meaning it should not overwrite and system files for an existing version of Firefox. However, depending on the distribution package, two visually identical applicaiton launchers may be created, which is why it is recommended for most users to remove the version of Firefox from their distribution prior to installing firefox-vendor

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