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Fix various lint warnings & general cleanup #83

Flambino opened this Issue January 16, 2012 · 3 comments

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Flambino Johan Bichel Lindegaard Michael Zedeler Simon

JS Warnings

From Google Closure Compiler (build/javascript/nota.js):

build/javascript/nota.js:1319: WARNING - Suspicious code. This code lacks side-effects. Is there a bug?

build/javascript/nota.js:2205: WARNING - object literals cannot contain duplicate keys in ES5 strict mode
    nextButton: null,

build/javascript/nota.js:2206: WARNING - object literals cannot contain duplicate keys in ES5 strict mode
    previousButton: null,

HTML Warnings

From W3C's HTML validator (build/index.html):

Error: Line 167:21: Duplicate ID title.
Error: Line 168:22: Duplicate ID author.
Warning: Line 106:20: The first occurrence of ID title was here.
Warning: Line 107:21: The first occurrence of ID author was here.


  • Delete test/src/_manifest.js
  • Delete tools/build (bash script)

The second part is easy to fix - has to do with a diblicate ID: #author and #title - I guess fixing that - and then putting the rest in FUTURE will do


Fixed the javascript issues the Closure Compiler found - just because it was really easy. And I've deleted the 2 old files mentioned.

I have not touched the HTML warnings, though.

Michael Zedeler

I have created issue #446 to address the html issues and will close this one now.

Michael Zedeler mzedeler closed this November 26, 2012
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