Command line tools for interacting with 0x
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AusIV Add Address Scanner
This adds an address scanner, which finds any addresses that mined blocks,
sent, or received transactions.
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Massive is a set of command-line tools for creating command-line scripts for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain in general, and 0x in particular.

Most Massive commands will have a source, a sink, or both. Sources can either be files or stdin, while sinks can either be files or stdout. Some commands will have other attributes.

An example pipeline:

# Read records out of a CSV
massive 0x csv --input transactions.csv | \
# Get fees from the relayer
massive 0x getFees --target | \
# Add the current timestamp as a nonce
massive 0x timestampSalt | \
# Set the expiration date for 10 days in the future
massive 0x expiration --duration 864000 | \
# Sign with the provided key
massive 0x sign $KEY_FILE | \
# Verify that the transaction is fillable
massive 0x verify | \
# Upload the transaction to a 0x relayer
massive 0x upload --target

This would get us from a CSV containing a list of tokens to be traded to uploaded 0x orders.