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b6010aa Feb 8, 2017
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$vms = Import-CSV "C:\Scripts\VMWare\VM Creation\NewVMs.csv"
$credOSC = Get-Credential
foreach ($vm in $vms){
#Assign Variables
$Template = Get-Template -Name $vm.Template
$Cluster = $vm.Cluster
$Datastore = Get-Datastore -Name $vm.Datastore
$Custom = "PowerCliOnly"
$vCPU = $vm.vCPU
$Memory = $vm.Memory
$HardDrive = $vm.Harddrive
$HardDrive2 = $vm.Harddrive2
$Network = $vm.Network
$Location = $vm.Location
$VMName = $vm.Name
$IP = $vm.IP
$SNM = $vm.SubnetMask
$GW = $vm.Gateway
$DNS1 = $vm.DNS1
$DNS2 = $vm.DNS2
$WINS1 = $vm.WINS1
$WINS2 = $vm.WINS2
$Description = $VM.Description
$OU = $vm.OU
$Agency = $VM.Agency
$Application = $VM.Application
$Billed = $VM.Billed
$Contact = $VM.Contact
$Phone = $VM.ContactPhone
$CreatedOn = Get-Date -Format dd-MMM-yyyy
$Managed = $VM.Managed
$RebootPolicy = $VM.RebootPolicy
$TicketNumber = $VM.TicketNumber
$IFADAccountExists = ""
#Generate the Computer objects in AD to be able to join new VM to domain
Write-host "Generating the AD Computer account for $VMName" -ForegroundColor Yellow
$IFADAccountExists = get-adcomputer -Identity $VMName -Server "DC_Name_Here"
IF ($IFADAccountExists -eq $False){
New-ADComputer -Server "DC_Name_Here" -Name $VMName -Path $OU -Enabled $True | Out-Null
#Generate a new OSCustomizationSpec so this will add the servers to the domain, and configure the NIC
$OSCustomizationSpecExists = Get-OSCustomizationSpec -name PowerCliOnly
IF ($OSCustomizationSpecExists -eq $True){
Remove-OSCustomizationSpec -OSCustomizationSpec PowerCliOnly -Confirm:$false
Write-Host "Generating OSCustomizationSpec file" -ForegroundColor Yellow
New-OSCustomizationSpec -OrgName "Organization_Name" -OSType Windows -ChangeSid -Server 'vCenter_Server' -Name PowerCliOnly -FullName "Company_Name" -Type Persistent -AdminPassword "Password_Here" -TimeZone 'Eastern (U.S. and Canada)' -AutoLogonCount 3 -Domain "Domain_Name" -DomainCredentials $credOSC -NamingScheme Vm -Description "PowerCli Use only" -LicenseMode PerServer -LicenseMaxConnections 5 -Confirm:$false
Write-Host "Generating OSCustomizationNicMapping file" -ForegroundColor Yellow
Get-OSCustomizationNicMapping -OSCustomizationSpec PowerCliOnly | Set-OSCustomizationNicMapping -Position 1 -IpMode UseStaticIP -IpAddress $IP -SubnetMask $SNM -DefaultGateway $GW -Dns $DNS1,$DNS2 -Wins $WINS1,$WINS2 -Confirm:$false
Write-Host "Generating new VM per spec sheet" -ForegroundColor Yellow
New-VM -ResourcePool (Get-Cluster $Cluster | Get-ResourcePool) -Name $VMName -Location $Location -DiskStorageFormat Thin -Datastore $Datastore -Template $Template -OSCustomizationSpec $Custom -Notes $Description -confirm:$False
#Sets the new VM as a variable to make configuration changes faster
$NewVM = Get-VM -Name $VMName
Write-host "Setting Memory and vCPU on $VMName" -ForegroundColor Yellow
$NewVM | Set-VM -MemoryGB $Memory -NumCpu $vCPU -Confirm:$false
Write-host "Setting Network Adapter on $VMName" -ForegroundColor Yellow
$NewVM | Get-NetworkAdapter | Set-NetworkAdapter -NetworkName $Network -Confirm:$false
#Primary Harddrive
$NewVMHddSize = ($NewVM | Get-HardDisk | Where {$_.Name -eq "Hard disk 1"}).CapacityGB
IF ($HardDrive -gt $NewVMHddSize){$NewVM | Get-HardDisk | Where {$_.Name -eq "Hard disk 1"} | Set-HardDisk -CapacityGB $HardDrive -Confirm:$false}
#Secondary Harddrive
$NewVMHdd2Size = ($NewVM | Get-HardDisk | Where {$_.Name -eq "Hard disk 2"}).CapacityGB
Write-Host "Script is working on secondary harddrive sub routine. VM template hdd size is $NewVMHdd2Size and the CSV is asking for $HardDrive2" -ForegroundColor Cyan
IF($NewVMHdd2Size -eq $Null){
Write-Host "This is the line that worked $NewVMHdd2Size -eq $Null" -ForegroundColor Yellow
$NewVM | New-HardDisk -CapacityGB $HardDrive2 -ThinProvisioned
ElseIf($HardDrive2 -gt $NewVMHdd2Size){
Write-Host "This is the line that worked $HardDrive2 -gt $NewVMHdd2Size" -ForegroundColor Green
$NewVM | Get-HardDisk | Where {$_.Name -eq "Hard disk 2"} | Set-HardDisk -CapacityGB $HardDrive2 -Confirm:$false
Write-host "Deleting the OSCustomizationSpec File" -ForegroundColor Yellow
Remove-OSCustomizationSpec -OSCustomizationSpec PowerCliOnly -Confirm:$false
#Notes and Custom Annotations
Write-host "Setting the notes on $VMName" -ForegroundColor Yellow
$Description = @("$Description")
Set-VM -vm $VMName -description "$Description" -Confirm:$false | Out-Null
IF($Agency){$NewVM | Set-Annotation -customAttribute "Agency" -Value $Agency -Confirm:$false}
IF($Application){$NewVM | Set-Annotation -customAttribute "Application" -Value $Application -Confirm:$false}
IF($Billed){$NewVM | Set-Annotation -customAttribute "Billed" -Value $Billed -Confirm:$false}
IF($Contact){$NewVM | Set-Annotation -customAttribute "Contact" -Value $Contact -Confirm:$false}
IF($Phone){$NewVM | Set-Annotation -customAttribute "Contact Phone" -Value $Phone -Confirm:$false}
$NewVM | Set-Annotation -customAttribute "CreatedOn" -Value $CreatedOn -Confirm:$false
IF($Managed){$NewVM | Set-Annotation -customAttribute "Managed" -Value $Managed -Confirm:$false}
IF($RebootPolicy){$NewVM | Set-Annotation -customAttribute "RebootPolicy" -Value $RebootPolicy -Confirm:$false}
IF($TicketNumber){$NewVM | Set-Annotation -customAttribute "TicketNumber" -Value $TicketNumber -Confirm:$false}
#Powers on the server
Write-host "Powering on $VMName" -ForegroundColor Yellow
Start-VM -VM $VMName -Confirm:$False