Personal dotfiles and shell scripts
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My personal dotfiles and shell scripts

See here for how I use this repository.

  • Clone repository into ~/.config/dotfiles/ using the --recurse-submodules flag. As of yet this path is hardcoded.
  • Run ~/.config/dotfiles/ ~ to deploy dotfiles to home directory. You may have to delete ~/bin/, ~/.vim/, ~/.vimrc, and ~/.fzf/ if they already exist.
  • Run ~/bin/ and answer y to all prompts as necessary, especially making sure to update submodules if this is the first run.


  • Install and configure fonts
  • Edit /etc/hosts
  • Add ~/.ssh/config and generate SSH keys.
  • Headless install (no pithos, texmaker, atom, etc)
  • Terminal profiles
  • Ubuntu settings
  • .desktop files
  • Download Maple and Matlab from (S)FTP server?
  • Wallpaper
  • Download and install Minecraft and Discord.
  • Configure minecraft settings and .desktop file and script(s).