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A configurator for the OpenCore Bootloader
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OpenCore Configurator

A tool for creating and editing OpenCore configuration files.


  • Paste ACPI patches from either OC or Clover in plist format
  • Auto-add entries for ACPI tables in OC/ACPI/Custom
  • Auto-add entries for KEXTs in OC/Kexts
  • Auto-add entries for UEFI drivers in OC/Drivers
  • Verify file integrity for ACPI tables, KEXTs and UEFI drivers
  • Generate SMBIOS with macserial
  • EFI partition mounter

Coming soon

  • convert clover config.plist into OC format
  • In-app updater (OCC and macserial)


When building this project, make sure you download the macserial binary (linked below) and put it in the root folder of the project. Then you can just run/archive the app from Xcode.
Note: This app is written in Swift 5, so you will need at least Xcode 10.2.


vit9696 for OpenCore and macserial
Download-Fritz for OpenCore and for helping me understand the ins and outs of its configuration
xmari0 for helping me debug various issues
CorpNewt for motivating me to write this app
Tony, Pavo and notiflux for writing and maintaining this app

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