Game for the Ludum Dare GC 2015
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SupessuAtakku screenshot

SupesuAtakku is a FPS game developed for Ludum Dare 34 with the "Growing" theme.


Supesuatakku, the code name of a secret experiment conducted by our government that tried to solve hunger by creating ever-growing cattle. But something went wrong. The lead scientist's cat pushed the wrong button and got trapped in the explosion that followed, creating the crater where you now stand between our world and its almost certain doom.

Superuatakku's creation will grow fast, consuming the world in two minutes if not stopped, defending itself with an army of evil kitty clones that will also grow when shot... until they explode. Make your way to the core and shut Superuatakku down! Shoot, SHOOT!


  • W,S,A,D - movement
  • Mouse move - aim
  • Mouse button - shoot

Developed in Ludum Dare Gran Canaria 2015 by team 404

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Graphics and sound

  • Joaquín Yeray Martín de la Nuez
  • Zayyán Perera Sosa


  • Luis Antón Canalis
  • Moisés J. Bonilla Caraballo
  • Cynthia Ramos Martínez